Fortified Retreats

Fortified Retreats

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Fortified Retreats Provides:
Risk & Feasibility Evaluations
Property Assessment
Complete Design/BuildManagement
Clandestine Contracting
Security Systems
Alternative Energy Technology

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Planning for events that will cause major economic and societal disruption is not a matter of being pessimistic. Even if the probability is low, the downside is so substantial it would be irrational not to take precautions.

Fortified specializes in Vacation Homes that are designed not only to be enjoyed during times of family or corporate vacations but also to provide Family Insurance and Family Sustainability during times of natural disasters, severe weather, terrorist attacks, civil breakdown or any other Threat Event Scenario.

Our team of architects, engineers, security specialists and contractors has over 18 years experience in designing and building beautiful custom homes and structures that are uniquely constructed and equipped to protect you, your family or group from most any threat. These Multi-Hazard Facilities are built to your specific life style and Protection Program and are engineered to ballistic and blast levels to mitigate any of the following threats; climate change, severe storms, armed assaults, forced entry, fire, chemical, biological and radiological weapons, WMD’s, electro magnetic pulse (EMP) and most natural disasters.

You may already have the best estate and tax plan and a diversified and well managed investment portfolio. But without a Survival Plan for you and your family in case of major emergencies, the other planning may be unimportant. Most planning for such disastrous events has focused either on investment strategies to preserve one’ wealth or special facilities to preserve one’s physical safety. Fortified Retreats believes that these goals can be complementary. The comprehensive planning model we offer encompasses the plausible scenarios and the scope of consequences. The time, effort and funds expended preparing for such events can also be crafted into a very positive and pleasurable retreat environment.

Consider, most, if not all of our clients identify their families as their most precious asset to be protected. They typically have insurance policies for life, health, fire, automobile, etc., but no Family Insurance. In effect, they have not insured their most precious asset. Fortified Retreats provides for Family Insurance during the most dangerous times when you will need it most and all of your other polices are just piece of paper.

Acknowledging today’s value of the dollar against gold, an investment in a Fortified Retreat is as much Asset Diversification as it is Family Insurance. Consider:

  • The purchase of rural property is a very good non-correlated asset for better diversification
  • A hedge against inflation
  • These are remote parcels and the value will not likely change during the holding period.
  • USDA 2009 Land Values and Cash Rent Summary indicate that rural parcels and crop land generally increase in value approximately 4% yearly.
  • It is also a place to use for family and/or corporate recreation and vacations.
  • If desired, properties can be shared by several owners and some may prefer to invest in more than one location.

Fortified Retreats discrete turn-key services will guide you step-by-step through the process of Protection Programming, Risk Assessments, Site Evaluation, Asset Identification, Feasibility Studies, Full Designs, Cost Estimating, Critical Path Scheduling, Solar and Renewable Energy, Food Storage, Defensive Components, Equipment Selection, Construction, Pre-Positioning, Shelter Dynamics, Site Security and Post Attack Recovery Plans. In essence, we provide single point responsibility for the complete design, construction stockpiling and client move in for your Fortified Retreat.

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